Pertici Care creates a new world around the customer through a new service and support. The new Pertici Care service allows maximum efficiency for every customer’s need with fast answers to problems so as to minimize downtime.

The new Pertici Care:
• Remote Customer Care: Pertici Connect
• Training & Installation
• On-site assistance
• Check up and scheduled maintenance
• Spare parts
• Modifications and refitting of Pertici machines

Remote Customer Care: Pertici Connect
In addition to the normal remote assistance, Pertici has activated an augmented reality assistance service that, through a computer and dedicated software, allows an interactive connection between the customer and Pertici technicians who can work in 7 different languages. Thanks to the activation of a direct video, Pertici’s experts will be able to assist customers in the field by diagnosing and solving problems in real time. The service allows to make a series of interactions with photos, videos, share in a bidirectional way screens, models and check lists giving precise indications on where to operate through the freeze image pointing and drawing function. Pertici Connect can also be used with dedicated Smart Glasses that allow you to keep your hands operational without having to move away from your workstation.

Pertici Connect is also useful for practical demonstrations and optimization of maintenance activities as well as to facilitate all Training & Installation activities.

On-site assistance
Thanks to our distribution network we can guarantee the presence of qualified technicians wherever you are for competent advice and rapid identification and solution of problems.

Check up and scheduled maintenance
Pertici has set up several checkup and scheduled maintenance programs that can be customized in the number and type of interventions according to customer needs. There are differentiated discounts for the purchase of spare parts.

Spare parts
Pertici provides customers with a spare parts warehouse that allows maximum speed of supply at advantageous purchase conditions.

Modifications and refitting of Pertici machinery
Pertici is available for customers for modifications and refitting of machinery with the aim of protecting the customer in all his needs.

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