Two versions are available, 7m and 9m with two different working modes: a single working area or the pendulum mode with two independent working areas offering customized solutions to maximize productivity. The electro spindle with a power of 8.5 kW in S1 (11 kW as an option) and HSK-F63 cone connection, allows even heavy-duty machining such as that typical of the industrial sector.

The combination of unlimited movements of the A and C head axes allows the electro spindle to position itself at any angle. From +/- 90° for the A-axis to +/- 320° for the C-axis, freedom of movement is the key to amazing results. The center has an integrated 10-position rotating magazine on the carriage with the ability to store standard milling cutters and disc milling cutters with a maximum diameter of 180 mm.

The 400 mm blade tool with HSK-F63 cone connection is housed separately in a dedicated magazine, exploiting the 5 interpolated axes of the electro-head to perform compound cuts, straight cuts, end milling and trimming operations. Depending on the length, the center can be configured with 8 or 12 automatic clamps. The arrangement along the X-axis is a key feature of these centers. Each clamp operates independently, allowing extraordinary precision during machining.

This system offers an incomparable flexibility in workpiece positioning and machining. A remarkable feature of these centers is the ability to perform profile head machining after cutting and separating the parts. This means that the machine can continue working even after the main cutting phase, greatly increasing the overall efficiency of the production process.

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