Three versions are available, 4mt, 7mt, 9mt with two different working modes: a single working area or the pendulum mode with two independent working areas.

The electro spindle with power of 8.5 kW in S1 (10 kW as an option) with HSK-F63 cone connection, allows even heavy-duty machining operations such as those typical of the industrial sector. In all versions, the electro spindle rotates continuously along the A-axis from 0° to 180°, machining in any position within this range.

The centre has a 10-position rotating magazine housed on the carriage with the possibility of accommodating standard milling cutters and disc milling cutters. Depending on the version, the center is configured with 8 or 12 automatic clamps that are positioned along the X axis in automatic mode via a mobile carriage or independently with a dedicated axis (as an option). A 500 mm blade unit for 90° cutting is available as an option.

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