The centre has a pneumatic left-hand zero stop that allows profiles up to 3.2 m to be machined, a length that is doubled with the optional installation of a second zero stop. The electro-spindle with 5 kW power in S1 and HSK-F50 cone attachment allows machining on the profile at any angle between 0° and 180°.

Profile clamping is ensured by four clamps with reduced overall dimensions to allow maximum machinability on the three faces of the profile and the possibility of loading even relatively short workpieces. The maximum cross-section of the clamp can accommodate a profile of 225 mm in base and 260 mm in height. The arrangement along the X axis is a key feature of these centres. Thanks to the mobile carriage, the clamp is hooked and positioned with maximum precision, guaranteeing optimized positioning over the machining operations of the profile and maximum safety against possible collisions. The P104 machining centre has an 8-position tool magazine, fixed to the centre of the bed.

The moving-column machine concept also allows high work rates to be achieved with a relatively compact machine overall size, offering the operator excellent ergonomics when loading/unloading workpieces.

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