The high speed of tool rotation, adjustable with an electronic variator and displayed on a digital LED display, improves the quality of machining on painted and out-of-square profiles. Performs out-of- square milling from -45° to +45°. Quick change of cutter unit with pneumatic control. Scratch-proof work table. Integral soundproofed and fully enclosed work area with wide internal visibility. Feed movement on recirculating ball bearing guides and pads guarantees smoothness and precision over time.

The self-tilting stop cancels contact between stop and workpiece during feed. The feed speed adjustment is hydro-pneumatic and the workpiece clamping system without approach stroke. The revolver depth stop with 6 adjustable positions, impulse tool lubrication (full oil) and clamps table cleaning air blow speed up the work cycle. The integrated cutter unit magazine, the removable swarf collection drawer and the provision for fume extraction make the machine tidy and clean. The pneumatically operated soundproof tunnel (90° milling only) reduces the noise emitted to about 75 dB.