The machine’s production cycle allows all work phases, screwing, drilling and milling, to be carried out in sequence. The profile is moved by a motorized gripper, adjustable in width and height, which grips the profile and brings it to the work area.

The screwing unit is housed on the loading table in a fixed position and adjusted in height by means of a special motor; as an option there is the possibility of adding 2 screwing units (total 3 screwing units) which have the function of improving the cycle time. Eight electro spindles are installed on the 4-axis CNC milling module, which allow machining on the entire contour of the workpiece however it is oriented.

The loading magazine has a capacity of 7 bars and the machinable section is 140 mm in width by 140 mm in height. The length of the profiles ranges from a minimum of 300 mm to a maximum of 4000 mm. The working unit is equipped with a soundproof cabin in the central operating area, which not only protects the operator but also reduces the noise impact on the environment. FC2000 is interfaced by Pertici’s 3D CAD-CAM software, which is prepared for connection with third-party applications.

FC 2000 Pertici