the machines are composed of three main structures, a sturdy electro-welded steel base where the fixed cutting unit is secured and a mobile cutting unit that slides along the electronically positioned base (X-axis).

The rotation of the heads around the horizontal axis takes place through pneumatic cylinders. The angles that can be obtained are from 90° to 22°30′ external. The intermediate angles are achieved by means of a special manually adjustable stop. The blade feed is driven by an oleo-pneumatic cylinder with exit speed regulator and quick return.

Thanks to a horizontal clamping system with double cylinder and vertical, the perfect clamping of any type of profile is ensured. Local pneumatic drop-down guards isolate the operating units during the cutting phase, ensuring excellent protection and practicality in the use of the machine. 500 TS and 500 D2K are latest-generation machines that can be easily integrated into the production cycle thanks to the touch screen man/machine interfaces and allow all cutting operations to be easily programmed.
The 500TS comes with a 15” touch screen on Windows 10 platform. The 500D2K has a 7” touch screen on Windows Embedded platform.

The machines can be equipped with an industrial label printer for identification and association with the relevant job.

500 TS | 500 D2K Pertici

500 TS on Video