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Pertici is a reference company in the production of solid quality technological solutions for the processing of aluminium and PVC extrusions. Pertici technologies, distributed globally, are destined for the world of window and door frames and many other industrial applications.


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Pertici traces its roots back to 1965

when Leto Pertici started Costruzioni Meccaniche Pertici, a company dedicated to the production of traditional woodworking machinery. Subsequently, the company shifted its production focus to the manufacture of machinery for the aluminium and PVC window and door industry, a production that still constitutes its current core business.

From the very beginning, the company has grown steadily, maintaining the highest quality and reliability of its solutions.
Since the 1980s, it has been experiencing a strong push towards
the internationalisation of its business and has built a solid and extensive distribution network, powered by a production that is totally articulated within the Italian headquarters through state-of-the-art industrial equipment.

Today, Pertici is guided by solid, deep-rooted drivers such as experience, expertise and continuous improvement:

through these values shared by the entire group, the company is constantly committed to proposing solid solutions capable of generating value for its customers, through optimisation of performance, but also through outstanding functionality and ease of use. Pertici is always at the customer’s side also through a global service that includes assistance, maintenance, installation, support and timely training.

Today, the company’s industrial solidity consolidates the distinctive pluses that have always characterised Pertici technologies, launching the brand on the international competitive scenario with renewed energy.

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