Pertici’s solid quality is applied in a wide range of industrial applications.

Pertici machines are built to meet a wide range of needs in different industrial sectors. From the window and door industry, the company’s main focus, Pertici can claim incursions into many other industrial sectors such as automotive, naval, energy, design, lighting and many others.

Pertici machines find application in numerous sectors, each with its own specific requirements. In the window and door industry, Pertici technology is recognised and distinguished for its productivity, functionality, precision, and wide range. In the automotive sector,
Pertici sawing machines and machining centres are appreciated for their reliability, flexibility and machining precision.

Each reference sector brings with it different needs to which Pertici responds effectively by providing its expertise, energy, care and customisation. Each reference enriches the know-how of Pertici, which, by means of this marked multiple disciplines, is a candidate as a partner of absolute quality for a large industrial panorama.

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Design & forniture

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...and many others

Pertici aluminium

Pertici Solutions for Aluminum

Pertici’s machining centres are the ideal tool for performing various types of machining on aluminium, PVC, steel and light alloy profiles in general.

They represent the most advanced solution to combine great productivity, flexibility and guarantee high quality standards. Their main use embraces two areas, the window and door and the industrial one.

The range consists of 4 and 5-axis machines with working lengths from 3.2 to 9 m, all interfaced with 3D CAD-CAM software, and designed for connection with third-party applications.

The R&D department also offers a machine customization service to meet specific customer work requirements.

Pertici Solutions for PVC

In this section, we provide a comprehensive overview of all equipment dedicated to processing PVC profiles. This includes all preparatory activities before the welding phase.

We cover the entire process, starting from cutting and proceeding through processing stages, including the execution of special operations. We present integrated lines of cutting and machining centers connected through benches. Additionally, we also propose standalone cutting and processing centers, as well as specific equipment for iron cutting and special machines.

Pertici PVC