Pertici was founded in 1965 by Leto Pertici under the name of Costruzioni Meccaniche Pertici. Originally, the company’s activity was focused on the production of traditional woodworking machinery, later developing the construction of machinery for the aluminum and PVC window and door industry.

The growth of volumes and the extension of the production site, together with a production cycle completely controlled internally, have allowed the Company to propose solutions characterized by the highest quality and reliability, suitable to meet the needs of any type of customer.

Thanks to these characteristics, since the ’80s Pertici has experienced an intense international expansion that has allowed it to create a solid distribution network all over the world. In over 50 years of activity, the Company has installed tens of thousands of plants in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Currently, Pertici Industries is a world leader in the design and construction of machines and systems for processing aluminum and PVC profiles, used for windows and doors and other industrial sectors. The Company develops and implements cutting-edge technologies, guaranteeing a global customer service that includes assistance, maintenance, installation, support and timely training. The competence and radical experience of the entire staff, together with the strong consolidation on the global market, are essential elements of the strategy of constant development that characterizes the Company.

Pertici Industries is a global leader in technology for the processing of aluminum and PVC extrusions, dedicated to the window and door industry and other industrial sectors (automotive, furniture, railway, lighting, heating, energy, naval).

Experience, expertise and continuous improvement allow the realization of products based on advanced technologies and able to meet the real needs of customers in all markets around the world. Pertici develops its machinery so that each component must obtain the best efficiency, flexibility and ease of use and maintenance as well as maximum reliability.

The proven ability to produce complex machinery for the largest customers around the world is the basis for achieving the best performance and highest quality in every market and in every industry.