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CNC machining center with 4 controlled axes, designed to execute the operations on bars or aluminum pieces, PVC, light alloys and steel with a thickness up to 2mm.
The electric spindle, thanks to a 4 rotating axis can work the profile at any angle between 0° and 180°. The profile is clamped by 4 clamps with reduced dimensions, to allow the maximum workability even with small pieces. The moveable spindle also allows to obtain high working capacities with relatively compact machine dimensions, offering to the operator an excellent ergonomics of work while loading/unloading the piece.

Main Technical Data

  • Working length: 3200 mm
  • Working Width: 225 mm
  • Working Height: 200 mm
  • Tool Change: automatic
  • X Axes Drive: Brushless motor, maximum speed of 50 metres/minute.
  • Y Axes Drive: Brushless motor, maximum speed of 50 metres/minute.
  • Z Axes Drive: Brushless motor with brake, maximum speed of 15 metres/minute.
  • A Axes Drive: Brushless motor, zero backlash reducer, maximum speed of 7200°/min.
  • Axes Escape Security: Electrical, Software and Mechanical limit switch securities
  • Operating System: WIndows 7 Professional
  • Accuracy: ripetition on linear position +/-0.1 mm
On board PC Hardware includes:
• CPU Card
• Mouse – Keyboard - Colour Monitor LCD 19"
• Ethernet card for network connection - Serial port and USB port
User Licence for Windows 7 Professional Operating System


  • Cutter disk d. 1.20mm management
  • Tappering management
  • "Writing" macros with 50 Fonts
  • Free Macro with DXF import
  • Clamp positioning advanced system
  • Operation mirroring
  • Work step optimization through DXF profile
  • Graphic display of Macro positioning value
  • Perspective display
  • Graphic display of material reduction on a finished piece
SOFTWARE P-CAM ADVANCED PLUS offers  (as an option):
  • Software kit P-CAM ADVANCED
  • Profiles import in STEP format with basic macro recognition
  • Parameterization of processing data with two different materials

Numerical Control Software

HMI (Human Machine Interface): Display of axes positions, clamps, electrospindle rotation, control of axes jogs, lubrication, etc. 
  • Tools Table: For storing the parameters of the tools used during machining.
Service Remote Connection Software
The CNC can be remotely accessed by Pertici’s Service Department.  This remote accessibility provides for fast and convenient software updates and upgrades as well as detailed analysis of all machine parameters for maintenance purposes.
N . 5 Tool holder HSK-F50 balanced at 24.000 rpm;
N. 5 Slotted collets DIN 6499;
N.5 High speed Mills (HM) with the following diameters: 4 - 5 - 6 - 8 - 10
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